Agape vs. Eros Love

Take Care of Yourself

Talk It Through

Plea for Help

Basic Game Plan

  • Let them tell their story and listen.
  • Set-up another time to talk.
  • Research options and resources in your community (see Places for some options)
  • Support through the practical consequences.
  • Your friend needs support dealing with life’s pressures (coping) because we all do.  There are many unhealthy coping strategies —fighting, self-loathing, self-medication (pot smoking or drinking) and superficial relationships (casual sex).  These choices have consequences (including hangovers, STDs and pregnancy), but before you can help with those practical concerns your friend has to feel listened to and trust that you aren’t going to hurt or judge them more.  Believing that he is precious, finding ways of assuring them that they are valued (not junk) and have worth while letting them tell their story will allow the emotional pressure to subside.  As they calm down and feel cared for they will become more open to help and may ask what they should do or be open to another conversation which you should set-up to talk about options and resources in your community.  Commit to meeting up for a coke or coffee within a couple of days and finding some other resources. These resources should include the name of a counselor or other adult you trust at the school and a agency to deal with the practical concern (a clinic or AA program).  The goal is to be supportive while modeling healthy coping options.]]>

    Mental Health Continuum

    Examples for each represent “what you might see” and not all will always apply. Thriving (not just surviving):  easily handles day-to-day life and has reserves of strength to handle negative events (a relationship ending) and/or to elevate those around them (see Elevate Yourself); should consider becoming a support for others Healthy (normal functioning):  normal mood changes; takes things in stride; consistent performance; normal sleep patterns; physically and socially active; usual self-confidence; comfortable with others Fragile / Reacting (common and reversible distress):  can handle day-to-day life, but is at risk of unhealthy behaviors or being elevated by a friend; might be irritable/impatient; or show nervousness, sadness, increased worrying; procrastination, forgetfulness; trouble sleeping (more often in falling asleep); lowered energy; difficulty in relaxing; intrusive thoughts; decreased social activity. Injured (significant functional impairment):  can seem like they are handling day-to-day life; showing anger, anxiety; lingering sadness, tearfulness, hopelessness, worthlessness; preoccupation; decreased performance in academics or at work; significantly disturbed sleep (falling asleep and staying asleep); avoidance of social situations, withdrawal. Ill (clinical disorder):  has difficulty dealing with day-to-day life; needs more help than a friend (professional support); severe and persistent functional impairment; significant difficulty with emotions, thinking; high level of anxiety, Panic attacks; depressed mood, feeling overwhelmed; constant fatigue; disturbed contact with reality; significant disturbances in thinking; suicidal thoughts/intent/behavior Picture1 *continuum model created by the Canadian National Defense.]]>

    Renew Counseling Center

    Renew Counseling Center It takes courage to come here, to explore what help looks like, and question if there is hope. You don’t have to live in shame or in secrecy anymore. It wasn’t meant to be this way. You can experience peace. You can live a life free from the control of food, feelings of unworthiness, wanting the approval of others, or whatever your struggle looks like. You were made to enjoy life, to live freely, and to experience beauty and adventure. Unfortunately, many live in denial of their eating disorder for years, concluding they may have a symptom or two but not an actual eating disorder. I know. I lived the nightmare. It took five years for me to realize I needed help – five years of just trying harder, promising myself “this will be the last time” and begging for forgiveness. The eating disorder was my loyal lover. It comforted me when it told me I could feel good that day. It also told me when I deserved to be punished. Can you relate? We at Renew understand. We specialize in the complexities of this illness. We are honored to walk with you on your journey of recovery. We’re here to help you discover the roots that trigger your eating issues, offer tools for recovery, and restore hope. Call 913-768-6606, option 0 to set up a first time appointment. Kori Hintz-Bohn, MA, LCPC Founder & Executive Director]]>

    The Call KC

    The Call KC strives to connect compassionate individuals and groups of volunteers with local organizations in need of them. Since 2013 we’ve helped more than 3,800 volunteers complete over 11,000 service hours and seen firsthand the positive change that can occur. Whether you’re a single person, a corporate group or a community organization, we’d love to help you make a difference. If you’re a charity or non-profit in the Greater Kansas City area, we want to make sure you get the volunteers you need. Three hours every six months. That’s all we ask. If each person were to volunteer twice a year, just imagine the possibilities, the impact we could make. It would be life-altering for so many. That’s what we are trying to create — a service renaissance right here in Kansas City — and we need your help. Have a look at the upcoming events on our volunteer calendar. See for yourself what we’ve accomplished over the past few years by reading some of our blog posts. Think about how you can contribute, and let us know how we can bring you into the fold.]]>


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    Tax Preparation

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