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Ask Jason Anything Intro

jason@quarkyapp.com. A little about me.  As a teen I liked to read (both novels and comic books), play sports (football and basketball), see the country with my family and hang out with friends.  As I got older, I kept reading (text books and comic books), started playing racquetball and snow skiing, backpacked around Europe and still hung out with friends.  Now I still like to read (reports and graphic novels (which are fancy comic books), play sand volleyball and rock climb, travel around the country to visit family and mainly hang out with my beautiful wife, Kori, 5 year old daughter, Nora, twin newborns, Jude & Grayson, and chocolate lab, Sadie.  I did youth ministry for a long time and was a counselor working with teens and their families.  I currently coordinate the Kansas City Metro’s efforts to end homeless.  On the side I get to hang out with my best friend creating Quarky stuff like this app.]]>