Concerns:  Parents / Sexuality / Running Away A friend shares that he isn’t as attracted to girls as other guys seem to be and thinks he might be gay.  Recently he tried to have a conversation about this with his parents who are adamantly opposed to homosexuality.  Since then they have treated him differently and practically disowned him.  Although only a junior he is thinking about moving out or running away.

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Concerns:  Sex / Relationships / Values You and a good friend (Alex) have talked about the relationships you’re in as long as you can remember and in 8th grade made a commitment to not have sex until you were married.  It has been relatively easy with the other’s support until senior year.  Alex started dating his girlfriend at homecoming and recently she has been getting more physical. She had sex with her previous boyfriend, but that relationship had ended badly.  She enjoyed being treated well and thought Alex a gentleman for not pushing, but thought that since they loved each other that prom night would be a perfect to sleep together.   Alex loves her and asks you what he should do.

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Concerns:  Rape / Self-Worth / Drinking One of your friends was raped by a 20 year old family friend who was drunk, but your friend was not drinking.  Although she tells you about it she doesn’t want anyone to know because she thinks it was her fault.

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Concerns:  Drinking / Feeling Out of Control A friend just started drinking.  She’s a varsity athlete and knows that drinking is against the rules, but says that she feels out of control.  She has a good family and lot’s of potential.

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Concerns:  Parents / Abortion A friend starts asking your opinion about abortion, is looking up clinics in the area and trying to sell his IPOD.  He lives with both his parents who are pretty strict and the whole family attends church regularly.  He has been dating a girl that just moved to town, but doesn’t talk about it much.

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Concerns:  Home Life / Step-Parents / Siblings A friend’s parents are divorced and her mom got remarried.  Her stepdad is okay, but doesn’t ever talk to her.  Her older sister is pregnant and commands most of the attention in the house leaving her feeling left out most of the time.  She’s wants to know how to make her home life happier.

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Concerns:  Abuse / Relationships A young woman you know is being mentally, physically, and emotionally abused by her boyfriend.  She has broken up with him multiple times, but he always has an excuse for his behavior including that his father is verbally and physically and verbally abusive to him.  He also buys her things like earrings and she always takes him back and says that everything is great, but everyone knows it’s not.  She is obviously under a lot of stress.

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Concerns:  Self-Worth / Parental Alcoholism A friend you know puts himself down, avoids conflict even when somebody is doing him wrong and is constantly trying to please others.  His mother is an alcoholic who drinks to deal with her own problems including her divorce.  His parents still fight a lot even though they no longer live together.  Although he is a Christian and regularly attends church he does not seem to believe he has any self-worth.  Recently, he has stopped sharing the things that upset him for fear of losing friends and upsetting others.

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Concerns:  Poverty / Home Life / Running Away A friend is having a hard time at home and thinking about running away.  Although currently single, his mom has been married a couple of times and he was the product of a fling in between. His older sisters are into drugs and drinking and one has an abusive boyfriend.  They are very poor and regularly have financial challenges.  His mom denies she has problems and refuses to associate with anyone who has tried to help.

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Concerns:  Spirituality / Death / Expectations A friend asks “what’s the point of living?”  He says that his life sucks, that he’s overweight, his parents have too high of expectations of him and how can he know whether God is really there if he can’t see or feel or talk to him.  Although he attends a local church youth program he questions God and wonders what makes a person a Christian.  Recently, a grandfather that he was close to passed away and he is obviously having a hard time dealing with the existential (big life) questions.

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